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Fashion women's match Cheats 2011-03-03 15:45 It is said that "the color of the body shall be not more than three, this argument is incomplete. If you prefer, you can wear more than one hundred kinds of color, as long as you longer than these color coordinated together so that they can become a topic, you music has become. This visual impact must not be understood only with a color, a fabric or a style, but the whole body all the various different colors, fabrics, style, style skillfully combines with them the between a significant correlation, thus producing a concentrated feeling. This requires that the wearer can not ignore the details of the options, including shoes, hats, jewelry, bags, tables, coats, socks and other colors and upside down due to lack of coordination scattering. The only theme is clear, focused picture is the quiet, coordinated, beautiful. You remove the black, which are not color, to see the rest of the color of the number, to see whether there is correlation between these residual color (particularly pay attention to include bags, shoes, hair accessories, jewelry, scarves, hats, etc. ), or they are not each other suitable, if you feel uncoordinated, your fashion match is not a theme. The basic colors (black, white, gray, camel) match, the general always difficult subject. If you think their long, too short, completely lost confidence in, Do not give up, take a look at how other people wear, the experts say how. Skirt or shorts skirt of the jacket 1, the longer seem short, the best length is knee-length or knee length prevail. Shorts, fit Pants Cropped pants, bell bottoms can make the type of short legs become slender. Mini Table of Contents: A green and yellow sweater fresh and chic B, the pattern of chest mention flowers will absorb the dramatic in the upper body, while ignoring the sub had not. Retro bat sleeves another resurgence! A short period of sweater, vertical stripes, the gospel is really short woman. Orange sweater bright eye-catching sight of certain people will be attracted to the upper body. Second, the most important thing is whether the skirt or pants and shoes match the coordination of pointed high-heeled shoes, both the trend of the chapeau, but also to fill the body type defects, fit trousers match the high heels make the leg type is more slender. The ultra-dress should not match the shoes is too thin, super dress shoes with a little sense of weight balance. 3 should choose a small and cute patterns and designs just even put the venture in the upper eye-catching pattern is definitely not suitable for the petite, cute little pattern to perfection. Small, fine pattern and a cute little benefit Akira. 4 accessories on the focus of attention shifted to the neck or head scarf, jewelry etc. can shift others sight, chest text pattern clothing There is a similar efficacy. , Sleeveless T-shirt is the most appropriate as long as your arm is not the most fat, sleeveless T-shirt would cause a physique narrowing, especially in this wrap shoulder sleeveless shirt, close to the body type pants make legs look up is perfect and slender. Should pick a clear and distinctive dark color fashion people seem thin, but people will become more short, bright, simple fashion the most appropriate short woman. Like the dull, sober color, diminutive woman can pick stable has no shortage of angry dark green clothes. 7, vertical stripes fashion is also a short dress opponents, whether wide or narrow vertical stripes help to elongate the body type, the shorter should be just even to avoid horizontal stripes. Plump figure who should not wear thick clothing materials, such as a thick sweater will make people look obese. Or choose a loose style, appropriate to the slim fit fashion. In addition, the coat should choose a pointed collar and hip style, lower body while straight pants is the best choice. The Thin Man is not suitable for fashion wear vertical stripes, you can choose horizontal stripes or pastel fashion. Match only one hundred skirt or eight dress fashion style jacket, fat leg pants for the best, and strive to create the curves, without fancy to go like the bamboo is the same. Figure petite should not wear plaid and loose dress, large plaid and loose dress will widen the human body, people seem more low. The best choice for flower patterns or monochrome fit fashion, mini skirt, thin trousers, can make the figure look slender. Leg coarse, be sure not to select thin and narrow pants or stretch pants in order to avoid the shortcomings of bare. Dress, fat legs, pants, combined with semi-high-heeled or high heels can add the length of the legs, weakened leg type bare. Leg shorter, should match the jacket, vest, skirt, fix the length, and just even with the high waist design style, do not choose pants. Men's revised approach is to select a long shirt, narrow-leg pants, just even to conceal the location of the waist and hips. Fat belly fat person who wishes to covert convex, dark series of fashion's match should be used, such as shirts, sweaters, belts, trousers, jackets are dark, and the collar can choose a bright tie, decorative knot and bright scarves, etc., in order to attract the focus of someone else's vision. The croup is broad and full, should select the gown, a long loose coat and long coat, should not have emphasized the curve of the buttocks. Ms. can not choose a short coat, stovepipe pants. In short, the longer the length of the jacket, hidden hips, the formation of long lines is the best option. Fashion match the base source foundation, generally speaking, the coat color of deep, Talking about downloading color is not desirable, this will give people a top-heavy feeling. If the jacket is the plaid or striped skirt best not to a similar pattern, but should be a single color. Conversely, if the skirt is spent, then the above it is desirable with a plain shirt. Colorful shirt should not be set inside my coat to wear, especially male counterparts. Directly to the flower shirt to wear out, the effect would be much better. If the outside is more formal and solemn clothes, shirt inside is a pale, plain. Up and down loaded the material closer. If the upper body is trim wool lower body is a cloth pants, no pants line, it would certainly seem nondescript. Upside down style should be consistent, if the Chinese female coat wear skirts, it is clearly inappropriate. Wearing a straight jacket or wide hem Women's jacket, do not set wide skirt. If you wear a sweatshirt, the best is to wear a feet should wear shoes, so that it seems the spirit of co-ordination. Should not uniform, here wearing a pair of sweat pants. Pants should not use the striped fabric. Wearing a sweater, pants pants or a skirt should be heavy material, so as to match. The silk material clothes, sweater inside the best is not set, one easy to damage silk clothes, the second is inconsistent with the sweater texture, make people feel uncomfortable. The easiest way with socks color socks color and skin color are similar. If you wear a slim compact high-heeled shoes, best not to wear thick socks, on the contrary, thin socks should not match with the shoes, and thick boots. Master the trick 15 trick 01 color white - the color to wear with yellow flavor gene color, dress color is to use color to distinguish the color. White color, applying color with yellow flavor, such as orange, yellow, turquoise, olive green and so on. 02 than the red color and moisture, health - to wear with a blue color than the red color and moisture, health, suitable for application of the color of blue, red pepper, green lake, ocean green, light blue, lemon yellow and so on. 03 fashion colors recommended no.1-khaki or light tan khaki color tone is very suitable for the yellow Asians, in particular, this color is very easy integration with other colors. 04 fashion colors recommended no.2-gray gray is the color of an error-prone, and very suitable equipment at the time the main colors, neutral gray, and match extension is also a great 05 fashion colors recommended no.3-indigo blue is the color of many men prefer but it is suitable for people of color reddish application. 06 fashion colors recommended no.5-dark brown dark coffee is an honest, calm colors with khaki is also very suitable for the color tone is yellow. 07 khaki color recommended upper main color - light yellow, beige, coffee, champagne, Fenju, apricot, apple green. The proposed 08 gray main color color match red pepper, pure pink, sapphire blue, light blue, grape purple. Size 09 figure of consideration slender body - to wear color high, more vivid colors. Not tall people - through the simple lines, solid color, emphasizing the waist clothes. 10 date wearing color lower body wear khaki upper body on behalf of the emotional orientation, wearing pink orange, or apricot, helps to express the emotional. Or lower body wearing a gray upper body wear pink, or peach with green apple green. 11 work wear color to wear dark coffee with a red, dark brown safe and stable, lower body on behalf of the mobility, the red represents trick heart, suitable for operating personnel. Or brown pants, take the olive-green jacket, you can convey a stable, loyal. In addition, light gray with red wine, chocolate, or light blue, indigo sweater is also crucial. 12 leisure wear color, wearing a light gray upper body to take the pink, mint green, sea blue, cream or white. Or wearing khaki drawstring pants, discount cotton wide pants, take the yellow, green, green apple green, or beige, to select the expression of color can relax better. 13 easy to use accessories recommended medium-sized scarf, match fashion colors such as red, purple, gray, fawn, blue, dark green, as well as various styles of hats. 14 brown or brown belt to prepare the width of each one, in particular, not to confuse the waistband of the jeans and suit pants. 15 texture of a good white shirt with a white pattern accessories can set off the texture and color. Fashion clever color match a color only the performance of a style, the clever combination of different colors will be able to transform countless types of extraordinary style. Therefore, how to make the clever combination of fashion colors, has a significant influence on a person's image and temperament. ▲ white match the principle of white with any color combination, but the match was clever, cost a lot of effort. Assembly of the yellow striped shirt, white under the best combination of soft colors; dressed in ivory trousers, wearing a lavender suit, accompanied by plain white shirt, after all, a music into color, fully demonstrated the self personality; ivory trousers and light shirt with casual wear, also a kind of music into a combination of; white pleated dress with pale pink sweater, giving a soft elegant feel. The red and white combination is a combination of of the venture. Dressed in a white casual shirt, wearing a red mini skirt and enthusiasm. In strong contrast, the white of the heavier the weight, looks more gentle. ▲ blue pairing principle in all colors, blue fashion most likely to match with other colors. Whether it is similar to the black, blue or indigo, are relatively easy to match and blue with the efficacy of the contraction figure, very attractive. The vivid blue-match red, people seem charming, pretty, but it should be noted that the blue and red right proportion. Similar fit blue black coat with white shirt, and then tied bow tie, attended some formal occasions, the person will appear mysterious and yet romantic. Match of the curve distinctive blue jacket and knee-high blue skirt, white shirt, white socks, white shoes adorned revealing a light and charming atmosphere. Wearing a blue jacket and a blue vest, pants with a gray pinstripe trousers, showing a simple but elegant style. Due to the strong contrast between the popular pinstripe soft blue-gray, adding elegance. Blue jacket with a gray skirt, a combination of a slightly conservative, but this combination together with the grape wine and women plaid shirt and socks, revealing a self-personality, and thus become clear unobstructed up. With the blue and lavender cover gives a subtle feeling. Blue skirt with white shirt is a very ordinary dress. If put on an elegant lavender jacket, will be level by the taste a bit mature. Wearing a lavender sweater, pants with indigo skirt, even without the fancy design, but also showing maturity among the natural charm children. Wearing a green sweater, pants with a blue dress, full of winter style; inside wearing a brown Scotland twill jacket attractive, with dark brown trousers and a light brown sweater, the color of the village is full of rough and crude, and at the same time reflect the the original and natural. Brown sweater is simple and elegant style, with cream-colored tight-fitting trousers, seemed relaxed and calm; pants with to wear Yuanqun, the more features. The dark brown trousers with a plain white shirt, appear dignified and handsome; upper body wear elegant light beige jacket, full self-expression characteristics. Natural amber jacket with camel trousers can be combined in the same color, superior color differences to produce a complex mood, reflecting the natural and chic. The camel color scarf with cocoa color sweater and a light brown skirt, the charming style of the composition of this light brown to dark brown, can be worn as a formal fashion. Brown and white combination, giving a pure feeling. The gold brown knee Yuanqun of and large collar shirt match, may reflect the charm of the skirt, adding elegance. Selection of conservative elegance of chestnut color fabric jacket, with a red sweater, red scarf, vivid, very pretty. Brown sweater with brown checked trousers, to reflect the elegance and sophistication. Brown sweater with thick brown cotton is spun into yarn into the sarong, the texture difference between the performance of the wearer's unique personality. ▲ black match the principles of black fashion for a variety of occasions. However, how to match with other colors of fashion, but very demanding. Is generally believed that white is black the best color, mainly black, white, supplemented. 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