Romantic honeymoon island tour of one hundred points

Romantic honeymoon island tour of one hundred points
White Shaman, a long red carpet, fine sandy beaches, stunning sunset ... with Fish Leong and her husband in the Philippines, Boracay an extremely romantic wedding, Southeast Asia, the island once again witnessed the sweet love of the prince and princess . If you feel too luxurious island wedding, frequently spending of hundreds of thousands of ordinary people feel powerless and frustrated, it is better to go to the island degrees a honeymoon. Reporter to recommend a few romantic island, 15,000 yuan, two people can handle almost, high cost, if you also want their honeymoon sweet and romantic, but also to plan early! Bali to give you the most romantic memories remember the child play crazy things to forget the mother accountable, will be carrying ears thundered "was actually the mother, then thrown to the island of Java, the situation, when really want to own also be dumped into the island of Java. Then a sort of feeling the island of Java is a very beautiful place. In fact, more beautiful place than the island of Java, Bali is the island of Java, only 3.2 km wide Strait between the Chinese tourists, here is a "visa on arrival. Blue sky, blue sea, silver sand, countless white sails of coconut palms, shady trees and listen to those sound waves, in the elegant floral enjoy a traditional massage, enjoy the beautiful sunset in the crimson sunset, in the melodious of the Indonesian folk music, enjoy a sumptuous seafood dinner ... This is Bali can give you a romantic and cozy! Bali is one of the most dazzling island of more than 13,600 islands in Indonesia, in Indonesian means "come back". Of course is a required course in Bali diving, coral reefs and fish on the side, the joy and novelty, still a little afraid of water and leisurely glass bottom boat to feed the flocks of tropical sea fish is a good choice, also their pictures taken with the sea turtles on the island big sea turtles, pythons, lizards, in addition to playing in the sea dragging umbrella, banana boat, jet-skiing is also very exciting. Beautiful than the sunset on Jimbaran beach in Bali when the crimson sunset completely and the entire beach wrapped in a fine sandy beach, write down the names of two people, in a gentle sea breeze said softly, "Yes", I do ", even if only briefly nestled on the beach, all of life the most romantic memories.
Honeymoon deep feelings tour Scotland the original ecology of the Great Britain
Many people travel to the United Kingdom, usually only stay near London. In fact, the insight into Britain's rustic charm, natural beauty and traditional culture, Scotland is an indispensable one-stop journey. Scotland in the North of England, phase, about 48,950 square kilometers of border with the north of England. This piece of land, more than 77 historical sites, spread all over town, everywhere imposing monuments, rolling hills, and the waves lapping the shore, folk customs, pure and simple, very rich in tourism resources. Rustic Monuments of Scotland - Stirling Castle, historic sites: the ancient castle charm, remarkable in many historical sites in Scotland, Edinburgh Castle, the most famous. Edinburgh Castle extinct volcano located in the city's edge, commanding. It has been a contested history. 1:00 every day is Edinburgh Castle held a the Gun ceremony (One o'clockGun). Now, more than 20 places in the global left, keeping daily 1:00 fired the tradition, which has naturally become the must-see show for tourists to visit Edinburgh Castle.
Honeymoon to be romantic but also happy
Concerned about the background: within one week, Sam received a call of the four students, without exception, "I want to get married, set at XX time to put the wedding banquet, please be punctual. "Do, dual spring and leap month can really make couples" crazy "? The reporter learned that this year's Italian years of marriage, is also a boom in Shunde honeymoon trip. Line travel agencies launched the "honeymoon" occupies an important position in the outbound travel segment. "Honeymoon" has become a romantic program of today's youth to get married essential, anchovies and A maple degree just finished the honeymoon to come back, perhaps their experience, will plan the honeymoon of newlyweds reference. Anchovies readme Thailand, both want to go to the city Offered lines: Taian heart of Bangkok, Pattaya, River Kwai, the underwater world the wonderful 6 days reasons for selection: both want to go to Thailand, and the use of English in Thailand is generally not may romantic "focus now is not the honeymoon, the key is the two people must be having a good time. Therefore, in the choice of the tourist city, we have absolute respect for the will of the parties, the final choice we all want to go to Thailand, not only satisfy my desire to go abroad, it is a loved one go to a place to go, really happy. The whole trip, let me the most unforgettable, spent two days in Pattaya Sands Island. All along, I like the beach. The tour guide said that this island is a lot of foreigners recreation places, it is said you can also see foreigners in this nude swimming. Pattaya Sands Island deserves its reputation, where the water is clear, sand, thin, soft, and full of foreigners. Each time you get on motorized boats feel the sea breeze, feeling fantastic. Also, I played never played a parachute. Carrying parachutes, motor boats pull the sky the moment you feel is a bird can fly freely in the air. Unfortunately, my husband has a fear of heights, he can not play. Sands Island, sea fishing, we do not love fishing, there is no patience, so just sitting on the boat sea breeze, the kind of feeling is very good, but the boat parked on the sea shaking badly, we have to be careful whether they will be seasick. Night to watch some shows, let us also open a back horizons. But almost every performance venue is prohibited to shoot, if caught, will be heavy fines. Thailand trip in six days and five nights, you can use words to describe: a romantic happy! Walking prompts if there is only 6 seven days time, why not choose a place in central Bangkok, plus one or South or North play; if there are more than two weeks time, they can all over Thailand --- like the sunshine island south tour Phuket, Samui, Krabi; like the ancient city of the north, play Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, this two of the oldest cities in Thailand; in central Bangkok is filled to shop. The anchovies recommendations night markets and weekend market in Bangkok, a major feature. To Bangkok night market the --- SuanLumNightBazzar stroll throughout the night, I catch up with the weekend, will make turn ". The Bangkok Qia Tuqia (CHA-TU-CHAK) is Southeast Asia's biggest weekend market, and trafficking are Thailand origin of good stuff, let alone a weekend to two or three times is not necessarily able to walk around.
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