The perfect match of hair with a beautiful wedding dress

Bridal Hair Analysis
Suitable for a hair of the face temperament is a key factor to create the perfect bride, how to find his bride hair style? Although the popular forces of the head BOB never weakened applications. They but popular a few years things still need to evolve in need of improvement. If at this moment you still keep such a classic featureless BOB, then you are wrong, cold winter this hair, but quite boring. Have the long straight hair is a lot of MM's favorite was noble temperament and remarkable temperament, but with such a hairstyle, it seems a bit out of date, in the classic long straight hair people appears to suppress, and it is not angry Oh. Long hair, sense of style there are two very important First fashion fluffy texture bangs, the second is the tail, the shape of the tail is the focus of medium-and long straight hair. Carve the bangs a lot of people may like it, but if filled with are carved, then it would look tacky, oh, so I chose Qi Liu, texture, and makes you look more the spirit but also more fashion taste. The curly tail, is an important weapon to repair face, but also to break the dull Tips! Fluffy tail, driven by the activity of the entire hair, but very important. Elegant oblique Liu Hai Jia air a sense of curly hair, this shape in the fall and winter, but quite charm, and full of elegance, is not weaker than the previous straight hair. However, this hair fall and winter to build nursing skill, oh, should carefully take care of it will not appear edgy, edgy winter hair but soil. 'Long curly hair, be sure to avoid frizzy dry styling recommendations on spray a layer of moisture, gloss products added to the shape of products, reduce product viscosity, so that the hair more moist and shiny. Do curls using hair stereotypes goods along the direction of the curls to take care of, let the hair look more full, vivid style. Fluffy wavy hair short hair secrets: Although relatively unassuming, boring winter is the need for this kind of publicity is enough image enough personality. The same time, the hair must also have a fashion point is thick, full heavy feeling hair can be worthy of your style, so as not inconsistent volume with long straight hair fringe, believe that this elegant hairstyle a lot of MM pursuit. But you have no flow through the hair in the autumn and winter, do not try it, you can let you in the autumn and winter in the spring and sunny hair may not be suitable for, oh, will become thin. Remember that wedding makeup to highlight the bride's facial features as the most appropriate approach.
Bride hair shiny wedding
The perfect match of hair with a beautiful wedding dress, of course, is the focus of the wedding from scratch yarn, traditional crown to the modern hair accessories. Variety of type as the big day, on different occasions was charismatic. Trendy the Queen will be long-haired half of the plate, half hanging Half up-half down, the prevalence of the Anglo-American bride hair, this hair style is very simple, but also on the forehead near match the unique shape of the hair accessories, such as crystal flash bright jewelry collection, you can highlight the mind to enhance the degree of the entire hair fashion. With the wedding dress or cheongsam, pure and elegant pearl headdress will make the bride look more attractive. In general, pearl hair accessories with silk, chiffon wedding dress is more appropriate. MY SEXY LADY soft hair has long been seen as a symbol of femininity and beauty, fresh and soft wavy hair this fall season, the popular bridal modeling, the main emphasis on the female soft feel. The soft wavy hair is the focus of the hair, with exquisite hair ornaments, simple and monotonous. Can be made into a bun, simple overall combed comb method with little fluffy elastic side bangs do not get too close to the scalp, and make more three-dimensional shape. ELEGANT BRIDE Beatles yarn bride modeling must be combined with the disk from the hair styling there are many ways you can choose: hair can be high beam from the veil do not spread in the hair of the following; veil cover covered the entire head of hair above; the veil on the moderate position. White veil, the bride is full of mystery and holy sense, coupled with simple but full of the beauty of the hair is eternal and evergreen hairstyles can also show the noble temperament, side Fang Daya. Traditional, neat, high-fat dish, or fluffy retro plate made with the traditional crown accessories, or in the rear of the bottom with a small flower decoration. Any simple and casual style, with natural, fresh decoration, will be preferred. VINTAGE PRINCESS headband, every day wear the headdress at the wedding can also show their gorgeous unusual. Is set with crystal and pearl headband, easy to use, and can add to the feeling of maturity. The headband is very suitable for the use of short-haired bride. The long-haired girls of course also be able to use, it can put on your forehead, the hair all fixed up, you can highlight the curve of your face. Recommended Reading: The bride beauty tips wedding the bride must be mastered first aid tipswomen evening dressesladies evening dresses

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