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2010 fashion summary - [Dear bad taste]
Copyright: Reprinted form of hyperlinks to indicate the original source and author information and this statement in 2010 the fashion circle can be said to occur tremendous changes, which the fashion event to be remembered? Favorite supermodel, commercials, magazine covers, fashion reports, etc., Models.com website for all the integration of a fashion event, let us take a look. 2010 Our favorite commercials: 1. Bottega Veneta autumn and winter 2010 high fashion and high art of the commercials is the perfect blend, Bottega Veneta clean background is the best guarantee of concise and prominent model Pose, models do not fear hopping jump, the hustle, photographers do not care about wasted much of the film, the last achievement of active Smart. Louis Vuitton commercials of Louis Vuitton2010 autumn and winter, autumn and winter 2010 a large advertising by the three top supermodel christy Turlington, Natalia Vodianova, Karen Elson, the common interpretation. The photographer Steven Meisel shot the background freeze in the elegant, old-fashioned 1950s, the three models represent the 20, 30, 40, three age stages of the same delicate and lonely woman. Shoot the 3. YSL autumn and winter 2010 commercials this large group of fashion under the guidance of highly creative StefanoPilati by InezvanLamsweerde and VinoodhMatadin Zhang Jing Hotel in Clermont-Tonnerre, by Dalia
2010 Beijing News trendy list "was included in the year in which the sound ★ creative envisaged division
2012 spring and summer of Mercedes - Benz China International Fashion Week kicked off - [Men's T station
59 of Balenciaga Balenciaga - the world's top ten branded bag]
Copyright: Reprinted form of hyperlinks to indicate the original source and author information and this statement 59 of Balenciaga Balenciaga 73 Oscar de la Renta Oscar
84 by Thierry HERMES Di Aili
9924lalpina Alpena, Alpena wallet _ Alpena wallet lalpina A - [Alpena]
Copyright: the form of hyperlinks to identify the original source and author information, and opportunities of this statement with your total share; dance wonderful "fiber K
BOBBI BROWN 2009 Winter New York Fashion Week backstage makeup support makeup analysis and sharing inspiration
Copyright: the form of hyperlinks to identify the original source and author information in the article and the statement Click on the picture to the next page >> for each year to support the New York Fashion Week backstage makeup, Bobbi mentioned:
CRI English Classroom series of the About Fashion Fashion - [learning English]
Denim jeans, is also a fashion attitude
Copyright: reprint, please indicate the original source of article and author information and this statement denim apparel the founder levisstraussDenim or the Jeans, the form of hyperlinks the Highfashion, or the trend of the sector, is definitely a quarterly basis will popular of ITPiece of. It first appeared, indeed originated from a person had an idea, but also has nothing to do with fashion. 1853, the United States, California Gold Rush, the hottest, the workers complained that the pants wear too much and not casual Amoy to gold particles. Thus, a businessman named levisstrauss the germination of the idea of production of a slow-moving canvas is not easy to wear overalls, of course, his name will never stay in the popular history of the cowboy. Earliest jeans of the 60s jeans ads in the 18th century is not the common blue, but brown trouser pocket and pants door use new brass buttons reinforcement - now, it has become a life time of denim garments sign of elements. Jeans, but as a mass production of a single product in the 1890s in the United States a major problem, and it really began to affect the fashion circles, will have to wait 60 years. The most popular around the world fashion must have originated in Europe, Americans jeans was born in the United States, feel great and proud in 1975 to celebrate its 200th anniversary, the National Museum in Washington also have exhibited a Levi "classic jeans. Today, in the fashion the birthplace of Europe, 50 percent of people in public dressed in cowboy clothing. Netherlands turned up to 58%, Germany 46%, 42% of people who like to wear cowboy as the "fashion capital" of the French. Wear jeans ratio, can be described as the highest in the world, almost everyone has a 5-10 or even more. The uninhibited story known as "king of the cowboy actor Roy Rogers until the last century Second, the 1930s, jeans or the main western United States, workers' overalls. But with the popularity of the thirties cowboy movie, the film frequently appears jeans gradually into the public eye. In the United States known as the "king of the cowboy actor Roy Rogers, the image of a jeans won the hearts of many fans. James Dean, Andy
dnf what fashion the best | DNF Berserker with what looks best?
DNF Berserker with the best fashion? Best answer points to the number of class. . . Kiss me now Vatican wind flax lament the three meteor Figure shoes off the brush to the election plus the power of other options and the IAS, the release of. PK shoes selected plus moving, and other options plus IAS, release. What the property? 34. Fashion ah! Hubei two. Play with 100Q is not enough to buy one if you also buy the skin, then to reduce the physical damage of the best (after all, either brush or the PK diagram, physical I think the speed and power of the Berserker, strength equipment to the post. speed not look the best equipment, because too expensive (of course, you have the money, then when I did not say) ... and went on to say decent - shirt - plus blood rage or runaway pants - the blood of the maximum (not explained) face - IAS back decorated with ornaments - IAS hair accessories - cast headdress - cast belt - avoidance boots - Mobile Skin - Anti-matter is probably so that berserker fashion in general should be red, and looks better ... If the landlord wants the non-mainstream, good ... Well, I feel I can also give one the adoption. wish landlord explosive powder in the history of the SS Sky: a long face for leave what hairstyle | boys long face suitable to stay hair professional! Figure 2011-11-25 rectal cancer early rectal cancer early treatment | how to treat 2011-11-25 medicine to treat insomnia | what drugs can treat insomnia Oh, you can buy in an ordinary pharmacy ? I responded after heart stents in Shenzhen 2011-11-25 | heart disease response after the stent? 2011-11-25 hair the microblogging how fat microblogging 2011-11-25evening dressesdresses evening dresses

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